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Raw Cashew Nut Grading Machine
IBR Boiler
40 kg Cashew Cooker with Steamer
80 kg Cashew Cooker with Steamer
320 kg Double Cooker (640 kg) with Steamer
320 kg Cashew Cooker with Steamer
160 kg Cashew Cooker with Steamer
Cashew Nut Manual Shelling Machines
Hand & Paddle Sheller
Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine
Oscillator Vibrator
Oscillator Vibrator
30 kg Electrical Dryer
200 kg Electrical Dryer
120 kg Borma Dryer
600 Kg Borma Insulated Body
1200 kg Borma Bhatti ( Hollow Brick Body )
Steam Dryer
Extra Trolley Set
Cashew Kernels Humidifier
Single Head cashew peeling machines (50kg / hr)
Cashew Kernels Pieces Separating Machine
Kernels Peeling & Grading Tables
Cashew Kernels Tin Filling Machine with Dust Collector
Vita Packing Machine
Cashew Kernels Packing Machines